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Takashi Murakami’s Exhibition!!

This week is my final week and I have many exams.

However, my friends just came to NYC to visit me and I decided to go out with them.

Actually, I took a great break and I felt relaxed and comfortable.

I went to Takashi Murakami’s exhibition finally!!!!! As my professor recommended, I went there.

Takashi Murakami’s artworks were amazing, I got a chicken skin when I saw them. Actually, my friends were not interested in Art; however, these artworks impressed them a lot!!


Before, I went there, I watched his video on YouTube. He told about these artworks. It was really interesting to know.

He got inspired by Tunami in Japan and he decided to create the artworks,


I can see a strong focal point, a large black circle there.


His artworks speak to me!!!! I really appreciate them.


His artworks made me proud of my culture, Japanese culture and Japanese art.


Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


I am ending this beautiful class with the last project, collage and emotional graphic.

It is hard to believe that Christmas Eve is around the corner. I am planning to visit the Boston Museum during winter vacation. I am excited to go there.


I learned many things such as hyper-realism, cubism and collage in this class.

This class definitely enhanced my art skill, inspiration and more.


I began loving Photoshop application and I wish I could stay in this class longer.

There are still many things to learn about art in this class!!!!!!!!

I really appreciate this class and my professor. She gave me much advice to enhance my art skill and technique.


Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!!

Good Bye Collage

Last class, I finished working on my collage project. I had so much fun of it and I also became like collage.


It is hard to believe that I have 2 more weeks in this semester. Time flies so fast.

In another class, I also did a collage by using my hands. It was also fun things for me too.

I realized that making collage is taking a lot of time. When I see many famous collage masterpieces, I really appreciate and respect the artist’s passion and techniques in the artworks.


This artwork made by Takashi Murakami. He is a famous Japanese artist. Actually, I was not interested in him before because his artworks were too cute and It did not speak to me.

After I spoke with my professor, I researched about him on the website again.

Fortunately, I have a his book in my apt and I will read it this winter.


I really appreciate this artwork. I can see many beautiful details which the artist put a lot of times for it.

I thought I wanted to create a collage of masterpiece from art history, such as like a ” last supper” painted by davinchi?

It will be cool.


Christmas is around the corner!!!!!!!

Vintage Collages

I have been working on collage for 2 weeks.

I realized that making collage is hard. Composing many images into one canvas is pretty much the hardest thing for me.

I am trying to make a good focal point, visual flow and unity there.

I am using some old music notes images and for this reason I searched many vintage collages on the website for getting new inspiration.



I like vintage  since I was a kid.


collage 001

These vintage collages give me many inspirations. I really like these collages give me a nostalgic feeling. Also, these collages remind me many classic movies from the 60s-70s.

Collage Masterpieces!!!

We took a trip to the MOMA in class few weeks ago.

Fortunately, I could see a Henri Matisse’ exhibition then. I know his paintings, but I was not interested in his collage at the time.

I saw many his paper collages. I can see the beautiful color harmony in his artworks. It is very beautiful. And also the objects are interesting.


I can see many positive shapes in his artworks and it makes a good balance.

I can see some diagonal lines in this artwork. I think it helps to create a movement in the artwork.



Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!




I have been thinking about collage since last class. When I saw many collages, I got some ideas for my artwork.

I really want to use vivid colors to make my artwork colorful and beautiful.

My concept is Jazz music so I want to use old music notes in the background.



I think I can put some famous jazz musician’s names such as Miles Davis and Billy Holiday in my artwork too.



digital imagings